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Gilligan's Island - Minnow 14" Models for sale
At tall ship models, we offer a large selection of model ships and model boats. Our tall ships are the perfect nautical gifts for clients, friends or family members. Our most popular ship models include: HMS Victory ship model, USS Constitution ship model and our Titanic toy replicas.

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Enlarge Gilligan's Island - Minnow 14
Ships fully assembled & comes with a wood display stand

Gilligan's Island - Minnow 14"

Dimensions:14" L x 4" W x 7" H
Availability:In Stock
Ships in:1 business day
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List Price:$69.99
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You Save:$20.00 (29%)


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Gilligan's Island - Minnow 14" Description


    Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit

    Inspired by the charter boat and pleasure yacht S.S. Minnow, famous from the television sitcom Gilligan's Island starring Bob Denver, this is a fine-crafted model yacht replica of the SS Minnow.

    14" Long x 4" Wide x 7" High

    • Handcrafted wooden model pleasure boat
    • SS Minnow stencil decaleon prow and stern
    • Wooden base fitted to precisely support SS Minnow model yacht
    • Rare, high quality woods such as birch, maple and yellow siris used for construction
    • Exhaustively researched and painted accurate to the actual SS Minnow fishing boat

Gilligan's Island - Minnow 14" History

    Filming of the show took place at the CBS Radford Studios complex in Studio City, California. The same stage was later used by The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Roseanne (which featured Gilligan's Island prominently on one episode). The lagoon was drained and used as a parking lot during the show's off-season and was the last surviving element of the show when it was demolished in 1997 as part of an expansion project.

    Cave scenes were shot in Newport Beach, California, across from the southern tip of the Balboa Peninsula, in a park just off Ocean Boulevard. The rock jetties at the entrance of Newport Bay can be seen during the opening theme during the line "A 3-Hour Tour" as the Minnow heads out to sea.

    Four different boats played the part of the S.S. Minnow. One was used in the opening credits and rented in Ala Wai Yacht Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Another boat, the Bluejacket, was used in the opening credits shown during the second and third seasons and eventually turned up for sale on Vancouver Island in August 2006, after running aground on a reef in the Hecate Strait on the way south from Alaska. One boat was used for beach scenes after being towed to Kauai in Hawaii. The fourth Minnow was built on the CBS Studios set in the second season. The Minnow got its name in an ironic joke. It was named for Newton Minow, chairman of the U.S. FCC, who was most famous for describing television as "a vast wasteland".

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