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Jaws - Orca 20" Models for sale
At tall ship models, we offer a large selection of model ships and model boats. Our tall ships are the perfect nautical gifts for clients, friends or family members. Our most popular ship models include: HMS Victory ship model, USS Constitution ship model and our Titanic toy replicas.

Tall ship models is your source for value and quality for wooden ship models and boat models.

Enlarge Jaws - Orca 20
Ships fully assembled & comes with a wood display stand

Jaws - Orca 20"

Item:Orca 20
Dimensions:20" L x 6" W x 17" H
Availability:In Stock
Ships in:1 business day
Express shipping available at checkout

List Price:$149.99
Sale Price:
You Save:$50.00 (33%)


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Enlarge wooden-model-fishing-boat.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat19.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat2.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat3.jpg
Enlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat4.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat5.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat6.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat7.jpg
Enlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat8.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat9.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat10.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat11.jpg
Enlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat12.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat13.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat14.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat15.jpg
Enlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat16.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat17.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat18.jpgEnlarge 855-jaws-orca-wooden-fishing-boat20.jpg

Jaws - Orca 20" Description


    Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit

    Inspired by the fishing boat and shark hunting boat Orca, famous from the Steven Spielberg film Jaws starring Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss, this is a fine-crafted model fishing boat replica.

    20" Long x 6" Wide x 17" High

    • Handcrafted wooden fishing boat model
    • Amazing Details accurate to the Orca fishing boat:
      • Name Orca painted on stern
      • Detailed flying bridge atop main cabin
      • Shark barrels and harpoon lines on foredeck
      • Replica shark jaws mounted on flying bridge
      • Fishing lines, cleats, barrels, hooks, fishing poles and other items on deck
    • Sturdy wooden base attached with metal Orca nameplate
    • Rare, high quality woods such as birch, maple and yellow siris used for construction
    • Exhaustively researched and painted accurate to the actual Orca fishing boat

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